1. si,irene
    Tokyo, Japan
  2. 死んだ僕の彼女
    Tokyo, Japan
  3. Anoice
    Tokyo, Japan
  4. DSPS
    Taipei, Taiwan
  5. The Florist
    Tokyo, Japan
  6. Forsaken Autumn
    Shanghai, China
  7. mizu amane
    Tokyo, Japan
  8. self party
    Hangzhou, China
  9. shuhari
    Tokyo, Japan
  10. Sourin
    Mie Prefecture, Japan
  11. Takahiro Kido
    Tokyo, Japan
  12. Yuki Murata
    Tokyo, Japan


reverb addiction records Detroit, Michigan

midwest tape label carrying asian shoegaze, emo, screamo, post rock, and chamber music. if your band might fit, send us a demo!

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